"Edizioni del Magistero" is a small Publishing House, specialized in the publication of topographical maps for trekking, MTB, equestrian itineraries and touring, relevant to the area of Liguria and bordering zones.

From 1990 we publish maps with scale 1/25.000, 1/15.000 and 1/10.000

Up to now (2005) we have published maps relevant to all Genova and Savona districts, and part of La Spezia, Imperia, Alessandria, Parma and Cuneo districts.

The porpoise of our footpaths maps is to be a good help to the excursionist, to the biker, to the canoeist, to the fisherman of river, or a help to the persons that desire to discover the beauties of our mountains through ancient paths, paved bridle ways and secondary roads.

On maps of "Edizioni del Magistero" are indicated all footpaths with and whiteout signs, all important particularities of the territory, all ancient castles, churches, towers, mills, fortifications and bridges.

Our activity is motivated from a big passion for the nature, the territory, for the big history and small local circumstances and the architecture soldier and farmer that it tells better the territory of a written page of history.

All the zones represented in our maps are crossed by ourselves walking or by MTB, with the sun or with the snow.

In our tours we have crossed isolated small valleys, panoramic paths of crest of the mountains edged by walls of rock, paths that cross in bloom pastures, forests, climbing paths and climbed white walls of rock.

We have stopped in small hotels and inns always meeting a friendly reception and excellent food.